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1st Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 3

SEC survivor pool is the gift that keeps on giving.

Only the strong survive, except this week, where anyone who made a pick did. I'm not so sure all of you are strong. I could be wrong, though.

Kentucky proved last week's strongest voter getter, registering 28% of all votes. Moo State fell right behind at 22% and Tennessee just behind them at 19%.

We did lose five contestants, including our fearless editor, due to non-picking on. Shame, shame on you all. No sweet prizes will be received in your mailbox.

This Week's Games

Massachusetts @ Vanderbilt

UCF @ No. 20 Missouri

Arkansas @ Texas Tech

Georgia @ South Carolina

Mississippi State @ South Alabama

Louisiana-Lafayette @ No. 14 Ole Miss

Southern Miss @ No. 3 Alabama

Louisiana-Monroe @ No. 10 LSU

Kentucky @ Florida

Tennessee @ No. 4 Oklahoma

Rice @ No. 7 Texas A&M