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2016 TE Jamal Pettigrew Commits to LSU

Student Sports

Frank Wilson reeled in yet another 2016 target yesterday, when St. Augustine TE Jamal Pettigrew pulled the trigger on his commitment. Pettigrew is a long, athletic TE prospect, that's not afraid to mix it up in the running game.

Clearly, he'll need to continue to add good bulk to play TE, but this kid is oozing with potential. He's a tenacious run blocker, but he may be most lethal as a vertical threat in the passing game. I love the way he's able to scale up and pluck the ball out of the sky. With his height and long arms, that will make him a nightmare to defend. He's also a very natural hands catcher. He snags the ball out of the air, at times with one hand, rather than letting it get into his body a ton. He also seems to have solid speed when he gets into the open field.

Pettigrew is another exceptional prospect to add to the already strong 2016 recruiting class. LSU's class is already ranked 5th nationally with five commits. Another impressive facet is the size of the commits. One QB, two WR, one TE, one OL, and all 6'4" or taller. The 2016 haul is expected by many to be similar to the great class from last season. Adding pieces like Pettigrew will only build upon that hype.