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LSU to Hire Ed Orgeron as Defensive Line Coach

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


It's no secret last night's hiring of Kevin Steele left us all a bit....less than enthusiastic about LSU's future prospects, but news broke this morning that might just turn those frowns upside down.

The long time HC/DC/DL coach/ Ace recruiter is finally headed back to the place where his college football playing career (briefly) started back in 1979. Orgeron had been rumored to join LSU's staff in some form almost since the moment Chavis left for A&M. Since being released by USC after finishing out the last month of Lane Kiffin's tenure there, Coach O and his family have been living in Louisiana and he's been a regular on Baton Rouge talk radio, spending the last 2 weeks openly expressing his desire to work for LSU.

It's unclear how the staff will shake out with his hiring, as LSU would be 1 coach over the NCAA limit. It is expected by many outlets that current DL coach Brick Haley will either take a job elsewhere or he or another coach on staff will move to an administrative role.

Look, we still should not have been in this situation in the first place, but this is making the most of it. DACOACHO had his problems as HC at Ole Miss, but he has a near flawless record of developing DL talent and his recruiting skills are legendary. If Haley is indeed the only other loss for the staff, this hiring gives LSU the muscle to reach new heights on the recruiting trail (which just so happens to end it's dead period later this week)

And who knows, maybe that Steele guy will work out too.