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Donte Jackson Commits To LSU!

Despite a strong late push from Georgia, it wasn't enough as Donte Jackson announced to stay in-state and attend LSU

After garnering a fifth star from 247 Sports in one of their final updates after a strong performance throughout the week at the Army All-American Bowl practices and games, Donte Jackson made it known he will be heading to Baton Rouge for his college tenure despite a visit to Georgia this past weekend.  While Steele didn't have to do much work on this one, he technically starts his coordinator career at LSU with a major splash at a position of now need following the early departure of Jalen Collins (NFL) and Rashard Robinson (academics), leaving the spot to start with Tre White wide open for all comers.

But cdub, What Does He Bring?

Oh I'll tell you interested reader, but first, enjoy:

I also suggest you mute it as well first (I don't understand why Prep Force insists on killing our ears with that)

Donte will bring a caliber of speed to the secondary that we have not seen in some time. It would be interesting to see he and Peterson in a race, but Jackson brings more than that. While there are hardly any defensive highlights on the footage, Jackson's name was constantly mentioned at the Army practices for his standout performance at the cornerback spot, saying he had some of the most fluid hips of the group and stuck to receivers like glue. When you combine his speed with that hip flexibility, you are going to have a guy that can stay in a receiver's back pocket.

His speed will also come in handy in the return game, where Fournette could use a break at kicks if he is going to become a feature back and competing with guys like Quinn and White, who fielded punts last year. They could try using him in some spots on offense ala what they did with Jeryl Brazil before he went and got himself kicked off, but it's unsure if that experiment will be retried.

With Jackson joining a corner class of early enrollee Kevin Toliver II and Xavier Lewis, Corey Raymond has done an excellent job of restocking his corner cupboard that shrunk with departures and position changes (Jalen Mills). He may find himself a little behind the 8 ball with Toliver already being on campus, but Jackson will be a name you will be hearing come Saturdays next fall, believe that.