off topic...Mett and the Titans

I didn't see many Titans games this past season and I certainly don't keep up with the franchise. That said, I've seen several pundits, writers, and mock draft guys talk about the Titans really needing to take a QB in this draft, somebody who can play right away and is a homerun pick. Some of them directly mention Mett not being the answer there and their need to try and trade him away. The few games I did see, it was tough to tell how Mett was doing there. I'm not an NFL guy, but I thought he looked pretty good for a rookie, and that their main problem (and why I was having trouble gauging him) was that their O-line was abysmal. They didn't open holes in the running game well, and they didn't do much in pass protection, which all adds up to an uphill battle for a QB. I'm just curious....any of you guys watch them much and have any thoughts on all that? From what little I saw, I don't see Mett as a bad investment for them, or another QB being the answer, unless there is an Andrew Luck type coming out which there isn't. Looks to me like the OL needs to get it's stuff together and their D-line needs to improve as well. I thought they were held back by the trenches.....not their QB.

Just curious. Thoughts?