I tried the Boudin King Cake so you don't have--actually, yes you should try it also.

-PODKATT: Thanks, Penny!

I learned this morning that Robert Karriker, the gentleman who created the work of God put here on earth known as the Boudin and Cracklin King Cake, had made an agreement with the angels of the Lord, Twin's Burgers and Sweets on Johnston Street in scenic Lafayette, Louisiana this past weekend. After going viral last week, Karriker got too many orders to fill himself, so he worked with Twins to get together a duplicable recipe for them to mass-produce and sell for him.

I considered it my sacred duty on behalf of my out of town brethren to obtain one of these and check it out. When I arrived, Twins was extremely busy. (The local news was there too, with a camera and a pretty lady in a black dress with a microphone, who failed to interview me for my opinion, in spite of how many times I coughed and cleared my throat in her direction, or how much I gestured grandly to the boudin king cake sitting on my table.) They were selling the king cakes like hot king cakes, but there were 4 on the counter, still warm from the oven. So I snatched one, got a hamburger for lunch (also very good, nice work, Twins!), and took the king cake to go.

Boudin King Cake Box

King cake box is steamy from still warm king cake.

It comes with the cracklin sprinkled on top and a little jar of cane syrup to pour on top. I only used about half of the cane syrup, because I didn't want to overpower the king cake.

Syrup Boudin King Cake

Drizzled with Cane Syrup because God loves us, His children, here on earth.

The dough is very soft, the texture of kolache bread. (I thought the whole thing tasted a bit like a kolache filled with boudin, and then dipped in syrup.) They were generous with the boudin filling, which was top notch quality boudin (I don't know if they make it in-house or buy the boudin from somewhere else.)

Slice of King Cake

Visible boudin in slice of king cake, probably what manna looked like?

The bits on top were crushed up cracklin, which I'm only meh about on a good day, so frankly I could have lived without it (maybe pecan bits instead, eh?? That will be $150.00 for my idea, you're welcome.) I probably should have used even less cane syrup, also, as it was a little overpowering. However, all told, this was a very pleasant mix of savory and sweet, with some crunch from the cracklin and excellent boudin on the inside. It would go wonderfully at a tailgate. 9/10 Would recommend.