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REPORT: LSU to Interview Mike Stoops for DC Opening

Les Miles is heading to Dallas to interview current Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma Reporter Dean Blevins broke the story via Twitter:

My initial reaction to this news is instant negativity. The initial reports of Clancy Pendergast drawing interest, plus some potential interest in Ed Orgeron seemed like HR type hires. Other names were bandied, but without much substance. Today there's confirmation that Les will meet with Stoops, and according to Blevins, Stoops will take the job if offered.

Here's a few quick and dirty thoughts on the matter:


  • It's well known in Oklahoma that Bob doesn't much care for Les. Obviously Mike is a different person, but still seems odd.
  • OU's defensive collapse this year, and poor bowl performance, means coaching staff changes are coming. Is Mike trying to find a landing spot?
  • OU Defensive S&P+ since 2012: 15, 33, 24
  • LSU Defensive S&P+ since 2012: 7, 35, 8
  • Stoops isn't a popular guy in Norman right now. OU fans would be thrilled to see him go.
  • Stoops is a DB coach by trade and has never coached LBs. How would this shake up the rest of the defensive staff?


  • Stoops is an excellent recruiter. He's pulled 19 commits to Oklahoma since arriving back in 2012. Chavis pulled only 18 in his entire tenure at LSU.
  • Stoops runs a highly similar scheme to Chavis, so personnel should transition nicely. It'd be a defense that specialized in zone blitzes, swarming to the football.
  • OU's talent has taken a severe hit over the past few years. 14th in 2014, 16th in 2013, 12th in 2012, 13th in 2011. 4th in 2010 5th in 2009. Those 09/10 kids should be the seniors, but you can see the bulk of their D took a step back compared to our standards.
  • Big 12 has featured some historically awesome offenses in recent seasons, which is vastly different than what we've encountered in the SEC. That could account for some of the struggles.
  • OU's defenses from 99-03, during Stoops first run as DC, that eventually landed him a HC gig, were nasty.

My Take

The hire wouldn't excite me too much. That said, from my initial reaction, I am backing down some. He's not some terrible coordinator. And the struggles can be explained on external factors. But this wouldn't be a hire to jump for joy about either. The biggest asset he brings is probably as a recruiter, as well as for continuity.

Let's also be clear here, just because Les is interviewing him, doesn't mean he's the choice. This is still just an interview, even if Stoops would take the gig. I imagine just about everyone we interview would take the gig.

How would y'all feel about Mike Stoops as the next DC?