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LSU Official Visitors List January 30th

Can LSU land highly coveted 5-star DE CeCe Jefferson?

It's the final recruiting weekend before signing day, and coaches across the country will work to put on the full court press to secure the signatures of the nation's top talents. For LSU this means a list of six visitors, including a couple of big names that would really boost the overall class.

CeCe Jefferson

Ed Orgeron has really put the press on Jefferson since joining the staff. It was reported that Jefferson's dad was enthused with the hire. How much of a dent could he make, when it appeared LSU was out of the picture? That remains to be seen. Jefferson is largely considered a UF/Auburn battle, though Ole Miss folks insist they remain in the picture.

Jefferson's taken a whirlwind series of visitors this month, documenting each coach that stops in for a visit on his Twitter. He visited Ole Miss and Alabama back in October. He took in Auburn two weeks ago. LSU securing the final visit is typically big news. They have the last big chance to make an impression and be the lingering memory. That said, I'm not sure LSU is in great shape to land his commitment. The three guys long considered his top recruiters (Rodney Garner, Will Muschamp and Lance Thompson) are all on the same staff at Auburn. The hometown Gators have also consistently been a top choice for Jefferson.

Regardless, this is the type of job we hired Coach O for, right? Coffee is for closers. Let's see if the newly minted DL coach can do work.

Leo Lewis

The 4-star LB has long flirted with LSU. As a Mississippi native, most believe his signature will go to either Ole Miss (where he's currently committed) or Mississippi State (where most believe he winds up). He was also an Alabama commit, once upon a time. Oh, and his lead recruiter at Alabama? That would be LSU's new defensive coordinator, Kevin Steele.

Can LSU flip Lewis? Maybe. One thing worth considering, LSU is actually closer to Lewis' hometown of Brookhaven, Mississippi than either Starkville or Oxford. Not sure if that coupled with Steele is enough to swing the big LB to Baton Rouge, but stranger things have happened.

Foster Moreau

Moreau was considered an LSU commit at one time, or at least, he announced as much on his twitter. Then there was really not much follow up to this. 247 doesn't list him as one of LSU's current commits. His offer sheet doesn't stack up with the types of guys LSU typically recruits. My guess is Moreau is a back-up type offer. This late in the process, there's a solid bet his offer may turn into a commit-able one this weekend. Les loves his jumbo run-blocking TE.

Justin Reid

Justin is Eric's younger brother, and a fine prospect in his own right. LSU has slow-played him throughout the process. Does he have a commit-able offer? Some say yes. Others are less sure. He's a solid prospect, but not nearly to the level of his older brother. A story was published recently that suggested Eric was advising Justin to head to Stanford. Some took offense, but from a practical standpoint it makes sense. Playing time will likely be easier to come by in Palo Alto than it will in a loaded secondary in Baton Rouge. Plus, that Stanford degree is still worth something.

All the momentum seems to be in the way of Stanford. Let's see if the staff comes through and pushes for his commitment this weekend.

Brandon Martin

A couple weeks ago, some tidbits came out that LSU may be pursuing the 6'5" Dallas-area WR. No other reports really seemed to build from there. Last week, Martin took an official visit to Missouri and committed that Saturday. At 6'5", 200 pounds, he's the type of WR that Adam Henry seems to target. SB Nation Recruiting Director Bud Elliott messaged me on Martin and said simply, "he's a baller." Judge for yourself:

So you may be wondering how a prospect with that much talent in a major metro area didn't draw more interest? Well, he could be a grade risk. This late in the process, most staffs typically feel more comfortable extending offers to those types? Why? Well if you're a week from National Signing Day and still have spots to fill, why not? It'll be interesting to see if LSU can flip Martin from the Missouri commitment. He's also supposedly visiting Miami today and LSU tomorrow. This is a guy I can see winding up in the final 25.

Josh Growden

Some tidbits came through this morning that Josh Growden, a punter from Australia would be making his way to Baton Rouge this weekend as well. His twitter confirms that he will at least be in the States:

This is yet another Aussie rules football player seeking to make the transition. LSU's had success there before. Could they lure another?

Other Tidbits

Derrius Guice, who was set to take an official visit to Alabama this weekend, has since decided to cancel the visit. I don't think there were any major concerns there, but it's a good thing he decided not to attend.

Jamal Peters, a Mississippi State commit, was originally scheduled to come in this weekend, but he will no longer be making the trip.

Signing Day is just days away. Turn that rumor mill up to 11 and let's rock n' roll.