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Looking at Front 7 targets in the 2015 Class for LSU

Analyzing Front 7 targets for LSU in the 2015 Class

While LSU is very deep in the Secondary and will remain so after this 2015 class, they do need to get deeper and make additions in the front seven. Currently they have just one front seven recruit, 3* Weak Side Defensive End Isaiah Washington (6'4', 240 lb) from New Orleans. There are some targets still on the board in the front 7 however, so let's take a look at them.

Terry Beckner Jr. - SDE - 6'4', 293. Chances of committing to LSU - Low

Beckner can pretty much do it all. He uses his strength very well and almost effortlessly gets off the ball. He makes it look easy. But he's also got the speed to chase down ball carriers. He uses his hands very well and essentially just blows his way through offensive lineman to make tackles. There's no real weakness in his game, though there's not a lot of tape of him pass rushing.

Unfortunately there's little chance of him going to LSU. There's 1 Crystal Ball pick for him to LSU and he hasn't even visited campus. He'd be a terrific get, but it's not happening. He's trending towards FSU a bit, but Mizzouri is still the favorite


Daylon Mack - DT - 6'0', 330. Chances of committing to LSU - Medium

Mack is a monster. A complete monster. He's big, he's quick, he can run around and cover space. He's incredible. I mentioned how Beckner gets off the ball very well... Mack may be better. Right off the snap of the ball he just runs over guys and gets to the ball carrier or QB. He's so explosive off the ball. And in space he can get it after it as well. His lone weakness may be the fact he's only 6'0'. Everything else he does really well.

It's hard to tell where Mack's recruitment is headed. He was a long time Texas A&M recruit before decommiting after Malik Jefferson chose Texas. He then named his TCU and LSU as his Top 2. However a flurry of Crystal Ball picks went to the Longhorns, which seemed odd considering he doesn't have much of a relationship with the UT staff. It seemed like LSU was trending well... but then John Chavis left for Texas A&M and Mack is visiting there January 23rd. That's Croot'n for ya. Good luck telling where he's going.


Leo Lewis - ILB - 6'3', 225. Chances of committing to LSU - Low

My feelings on Lewis are mixed. He does some things well, other things just "okay" and he doesn't wow you. That doesn't mean he's not a good prospect; he is. But you're not really blown away when watching him. He does really well at shedding tackles and pursuing the football. He reacts well to the football and is a good tackler. All positives. However his lateral movement is just okay and he's not very fast. A good prospect, but not a must-get in my opinion.

Lewis is committed to Ole Miss and appears very solid in that commitment. He's taken far more visits to the Rebs than any other schools. However he does have a visit lined up to LSU on January 16th. Let's see where that goes and if LSU can make up some ground.


Kyle Phillips - SDE - 6'3.5', 250. Chances of committing to LSU - High

The thing that pops about Phillips is his frame. Most SDE's his size are at least 20 pounds bigger and in some cases 30-40. He's so lanky and long that it poses problems even despite his need to improve getting off the ball and getting at the point of attack quicker. But he has an incredible motor. He can chase guys down across the field and doesn't seem to get tired. He's also incredibly strong. He is raw. You can tell. But he is extremely athletic and has a ton of upside.

Phillips committed to Tennessee at the Army All-American Bowl yesterday. Being that he's an early enrollee, there's littel chance LSU can flip him.


Sh'mar Kilby-Lane - OLB - 6'2', 215. Chances of committing to LSU - Low

Kilby-Lane's best attribute may be his acceleration. He does a very good job of reading the play and quickly hitting the point of attack. He's also got pretty solid if not spectacular lateral movement and ability to chase down players across the field. However, he isn't a great athlete and may not have the frame that matches up well with the next level when the talent level is a little more evened out. Overall he's a very solid prospect though.

Kilby-Lane is an FSU commit, but he does have an official visit lined up to LSU on the 16th. I don't see him flipping to LSU, but he's at least on campus.


LSU also has visits scheduled with Roquan Smith and Arden Key

As you can see LSU is going to likely have a light class up front. They just haven't been in contention enough for top prospects. But they do have chances to potentially nab some talented prospects in spots of need.