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5 Star ATH Torrance Gibson Set to Officially Visit LSU

Big time Ohio State commit schedules official visit to LSU.

Student Sports

Ryan Bartow, of 247 Sports dropped a bit of bomb shell last night:

This is an interesting bit of news. LSU was once a heavy player in Gibson's recruitment, but eventually faded due to Gibson's insistence on playing QB at the next level, while LSU recruited him as an athlete. He eventually committed to Ohio State. Gibson, quite honestly, might be the most athletically gifted player in the 2015 signing class. 6'4", 200 pounds with legitimate burner speed, he's graceful and smooth and just natural in every way. Except, he's not a QB.

I got to share a few drinks with the editor of Tomahawk Nation, and SB Nation National Recruiting Analyst, Bud Elliott this summer. Elliott's phone is chocked full of recruit videos and pics from the various camps and practices he's stopped in on. He whipped out a quick video of Gibson playing catch, just smoothly plucking the ball, two hands, one hand, not looking, didn't matter. He caught every single one. It's Bud's contention, and my own, that Gibson belongs at WR, where he could be Calvin Johnson-esque. Instead, he insists on playing QB.

So what does this mean? Has LSU opened up to giving him a shot at QB? Has Gibson softened on his stance? It makes sense that he'd want to look around, considering Ohio State's currently loaded QB depth chart. What doesn't make sense is how LSU is a good fit for him... at QB. If I had to guess, LSU would give him the Russell Shepard wink wink nudge nudge "Surrreee you can play QB" pitch, in hopes of eventually convincing him to switch positions. Frankly, I'm not entirely sure that's not what every other program around is doing anyway.

The other end of this equation is the LSU side. This makes the third new QB tied to LSU in the past month or so. First murmurings of Ohio State's Braxton Miller having interest bubbled up. Yesterday, a random report linked Notre Dame's Everett Golson to LSU. It's important to note that LSU cannot officially reach out to these players in any capacity, until they are granted their releases. That said, as we saw from the Jeff Driskel decision, it's clear there's probably some type of contact going down.

So then, what does this say about how the coaching staff feels about the current crop of QBs? Gibson isn't going to help the QB situation in 2015, at all. He could, in a dream scenario, maybe be additional competition in 2016... or 2017. But Miller and Golson are different animals, the types of players that would probably come in and sit immediately atop the depth chart, or at least heavily favorited to be.

Is there any legitimate talk here? Are the coaches trying to send a message to Jennings and Harris? Does this cloud the future of Harris, who is ridiculously talented but not yet putting it together? It's an interesting bit of news. All we know is Gibson will be on campus January 23rd, which is about a week and a half before National Signing Day. As of now, he has no other visits planned, though Ohio State is the only other official visit he's taken.