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Time Running Out For LSU Soccer

LSU picked up a win Friday, but couldn't get a result on Sunday.

Lexi Gibbs was the only Tiger on the score sheet against Florida
Lexi Gibbs was the only Tiger on the score sheet against Florida
Olivia Ramirez

The SEC Soccer Tournament is held in Orange Beach, Alabama and this year will start on November 2nd. The top ten teams in the conference go.

As of now, LSU will not be one of those ten teams. Which is stunning given the crazy fast start the Tigers had to the season. There's still four more matchdays left in the season and twelve points possible, but right now the table is not looking good for LSU.

Team Points SEC Overall
South Carolina 16 5-1-1 11-2-1
Auburn 15 5-2-0 12-2-0
Florida 13 4-2-1 10-3-1
Missouri 13 4-2-1 6-4-4
Ole Miss 12 4-3-0 10-3-2
Texas A&M 12 4-3-0 11-4-0
Kentucky 11 3-2-2 9-3-3
Tennessee 11 3-2-2 7-2-5
Vanderbilt 9 2-2-3 6-5-4
Mississippi State 8 2-3-2 4-7-3
LSU 7 2-4-1 8-4-3
Georgia 6 2-5-0 3-9-1
Arkansas 4 1-5-1 5-8-1
Alabama 3 1-6-0 4-9-2

You see Bama down there with a one win? That single, lonesome win came from an extra time game against LSU where the Tigers nailed their own coffin with a late red card. While LSU's start was impressive, an in-conference form of L-L-T-W-L will derail you.

Friday night LSU picked up where they left off last Friday, playing a lethargic first half against Missouri. LSU's offensive struggles can be chalked up to not having Jorian "Female Cristiano" Baucom out on the pitch due to yellow cards, but at times in the first half the LSU attack looked complacent, even though they spent most of the night forcing the issue.

The visiting Tigers broke the seal in the 57th minute when Melani Donaldson headed a corner kick in. Gabriela Maldonado would equalize soon after in the 64th minute by taking a deflection off the crossbar from Debbie Hahn's shot. Six minutes later Maldonado would return the favor by setting up a one time through ball which Hahn slipped past the keeper and into the net for the game winner.

Sunday LSU went to Gainesville to play the #12 Florida Gators, and any momentum picked up Friday night was knocked loose. Florida opened their account in the 23rd minute when Betsy Middleton took a reset off of a Savannah Jordan reset and bounced it off the far post. The Gators started the second with a 49th minute goal that came when Savannah Jordan netted the back end of a 1-2 with Claire Falknor that spanned the entire field.

Lexi Gibbs scored her first goal of the season in the 88th minute off of a redirect in the box to break up the shutout. There were other goal scoring opportunities for LSU, but every one was put out by the Florida defense.

The good news is that LSU can make up some ground this week with matches Thursday night against Arkansas (on the SEC Network) and next Friday night against Mississippi State. The bad news is after the State match, LSU has conference leading South Carolina coming into Baton Rouge. However, at this point in time LSU is undefeated (7-0-3) at home, and honestly LSU will need all the help they can find to get themselves to Orange Beach.