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Are the Gators ready for The Madness?


Oooh yeah. Ooooooh yeeeeeah. The Macho Man Randy Savage is the alpha and the omega, the BEGINNING AND THE END! The greatest that there has ever been past present and future. And he will NOT see you later alligators no he is going to see you on Saturday NIGHT!

Savage gif 2

THAT'S RIGHT THE NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME AND TIGER STADIUM IS THE RIGHT PLACE! We're both going to be under the lights but the spotlight is going to shine on me and me alone Florida Gators. That's right you're in the dark! Are you afraid of the dark? DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK BE AFRAID OF THE MADNESS THAT IS READY TO DESCEND! Tiger Stadium and the madness is in the air tonight. The madness is all around you, yeah it is in the air you breathe it is in the sounds you hear and it is under your feet! The madness is under your feet and it's going to pull you down and the Macho Man Randy Savage is going to be standing tall!

Because the Macho Man was born of the Macho Madness and I will be right at home yeah, and right when you hit rock bottom I will be ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Lookin' down on creation that's right! And the only explanation I can find is that the Gators just don't measure up to the power of madness.

Saturday night's alright for fighting Gators, you're gonna look real nice as a new pair of boots on the feet of the Macho Man Randy Savage. DIGIT!


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Savage Gif 1

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