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2nd Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 7

Thursday night football!!!

Waylp, Week 7 flew on by. Everyone who picked picked a Mississippi school which makes me want to throw up in my mouth a bit. IrishP1 and Eggplant Wizard forgot to pick because they are busy and important and don't cary about us. Boo. Hiss. geauxcpatt was eliminated two weeks ago, but I overlooked it when looking at the sheet. So here we are. The final 14.

Deadline for tonight's game is kickoff tonight. Deadline for the rest is kickoff of the first game Saturday.

I'll track everything on this Google Spreadsheet:

Games for the Week

Auburn @ Kentucky
#13 Ole Miss @ Memphis
Louisiana Tech @ Mississippi State
#10 Alabama @ #9 Texas A&M
Vanderbilt @ South Carolina
#8 Florida @ #6 LSU
Missouri @ Georgia

Now that's a good slate if I've seen one. Four top ten teams playing each other? Auburn with a chance to save their bowl eligibility against Kentucky with a chance to keep East title hopes alive? Georgia scratching to stay in the East vs. a limping Missouri looking to spoil? Vandy vs. South Carolina to see who is truly the worst in the conference? Ole Miss even has an interesting game on the road at Memphis. This gonna be fun y'all.