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First Impressions: LSU 35-28 Florida

What, did you think an LSU-Florida game would be routine?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

These are the types of games that Tiger Stadium was made for. Night, against a Top 10 opponent, with an electric atmosphere. And these are the games where LSU thrives. Especially when it gets crazy. The offense was absolutely electric in the first half, then slowed in the second. LSU blew a 28-14 lead. The secondary had it's issues all night. But then, in fitting Tigers-Gators style, Les Miles dialed up a Les Miles special. And the Tigers got the win. Now, onto some thoughts.

  • Special teams. There's just nothing left to say at this point.
  • LSU was doing really well against the run early on and getting good pressure, but Jim McElwain put Treon Harris in some effective positions to complete passes and Harris did so.
  • Dillon Gordon caught a pass! And then got hurt again. He's worked so hard to get back, and then this. Shame.
  • On the Fournette fumble, it looked like the Florida player made a complete recovery out of bounds. He had initial possession in bounds, but the recovery was when he was out, and therefore...LSU ball.
  • Brandon Harris showed some great poise in the pocket on the second LSU drive and completed two strikes to Travin Dural.
  • Leonard Fournette out of the wildcat is fun.
  • Somehow #7 still continues to amaze. He opens up holes by himself. They're not there. And yet, makes one man miss, a cutback, and boom it's a gain of 10+. It's remarkable.
  • The touchdown pass from Harris to Dupre...marvelous. An absolutely beautiful toss by Brandon. Him and Dupre have that fade route down so well that it doesn't make me cringe when they throw it.
  • Soooooo....who wants to cover the dude coming off the wheel route?
  • Y'all. Brandon freaking Harris. Everyone wanted to ask...what happens when Leonard Fournette is stopped and Harris has to win a game? Florida didn't stop Fournette and Harris torched them anyway. He has officially arrived.
  • The coverage busts just do not stop. This seems to be the only way teams move through the air on LSU. When they get yards, they get them in bunches
  • Hey, LSU isn't the only team who gets delay of games on kickoffs.
  • Yeah. The special teams.
  • Y'all have been wondering where the Mad Hatter went. Some people said he had gone a little bit soft. Have no fear. A tiger never changes his stripes.
  • Dwayne Thomas has had his issues, but boy did he save the secondary's rear end with that big hit to stop Florida from hitting the game tying TD.
  • Leonard Fournette threw a defender off him because that defender was not worthy to grace the field with him.
  • Lewis Neal was an absolute beast all night  long. He's the Tigers best pass rusher.
  • The secondary had it's issues all night long. It was rough at times. But when needed...the defense got two huge stops to preserve the lead and get the W. wouldn't be LSU-Florida unless it was crazy would it? Florida isn't LSU's most hated rival. Or it's most storied. But it's probably it's most fun. These games are why. They always have it all. So did this one. But the Tigers came out on top.

Tigers are 6-0. Western Kentucky comes to Tiger Stadium next week. Then it's a bye week, before the biggest game of the year. But let's enjoy this one.