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2nd Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 5

Survivor survivor survivor.

Week 4 brought about zero eliminations despite a sluggish start from South Carolina and Ole Miss. What an uneventful undertaking.

Now we start to get into the meat of things, though. Conference games, almost exclusively, are upon us. No more cupcakes like picking against the Big 10 or Toledo!

I'll track everything on this Google Spreadsheet:

Games for the Week

South Carolina @ Missouri
#13 Alabama @ #8 Georgia
San Jose State @ Auburn
#3 Ole Miss @ #25 Florida
Eastern Michigan @ #9 LSU
Arkansas @ Tennessee
Vanderbilt @ Middle Tennessee State
#21 Mississippi State @ #14 Texas A&M

That's a helluva slate of games. Barnburner in the afternoon as Bammer trips to Gawja. Ole Miss in a sticky trap game of sorts against a feisty Gators squad. Arkansas against Tennessee in a "Neither One of Us Should Really Be This Bad" Bowl. Then a night cap of an undervalued State squad going to College Station, where Sumlin has never beaten a top 25 team. College football y'all.

Be well.