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Lunch with Les 10/19/15 - WKU Pregame

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Was excited to hear Tom Cruise was at the game, thinks he could be a good villain in a Jack Reacher movie....expected a 60 minute game against Florida and got it. Was proud of how the defense played against Florida's 4 and 2 minute offense, but would prefer that the offense be able to run out the clock in that situation....Was proud of how the O Line allowed no sacks against Florida's D Line (which had an SEC leading 21 coming into the game)...recognizes the break downs in the secondary. Jalen Mills being back full time should fix those issues....some ribbing of Cameron Gamble for getting his kickoffs done on time this week. Obvious concern over the punting. Les had 6 people in his ear calling for the fake FG. It was a play that had been practiced to perfection, so he was confident in calling it...Miles gave WKU a Top 25 vote this week...tons of praise for their offense and QB Brandon Doughty, calls him "an SEC quarterback.' ... continues to talk up concerns about WKU's defense, asks for the same crowd he got last weekend to come back and "maybe wear a sweater"... says that the team will recognize how serious a challenge WKU is when they see the tape...Miles says he has sent some clips to the SEC for review, concerned about Fournette taking late hits and getting piled on...says that while he likes the passion Harris has about proving himself, he doesn't need to concern himself with what outsiders say....TE Dillon Gordon is likely out for the rest of the year after re-injuring himself on his first catch. They will try to get him a red shirt...Teuhema is fine...When asked about Keehn's yardage being down he mentions "some physical limitations" that Keehn was dealing with (so Keehn was playing hurt?) ...says he's seen Domingue run that fast in practice....Praise for what Ed Orgeron has been able to get out of LSU's D Line this year, specifically Lewis Neal on Saturday. Miles says of the D Line "Oh, they understand Cajun, I guarantee it, at this point. The right and wrong of Cajun is pretty strong." TED asks if Leonard is getting Hack-a-Shaq'd (GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE) and Miles says he is concerned about it...Miles still believe the team has plenty of room to improve and needs to get more consistent...J.D. Moore still out, no timetable.

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