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Tiger Tracklist: Western Kentucky

Une immense espérance a traversé la terre

It's getting boring by the sea
It's getting boring by the sea
Paul Davis

Due to request of viewers like you, the Tracklist takes a breather from mostly a rap-focused collection this week, featuring more rock (with a taste of punk) and electronic. ∆ kicks things off with a slow simmer on Hunger of The Pine that jumps right into the faster paced rock block. If you know me, you knew it was only a matter of time until I found some way to get Ellie involved with this, as the Bassnectar remix of Lights starts the electronic portion of the Tracklist, which reaches it's finale with Daft Punk's Contact, a song where I'm pretty sure their only intention for making the song was to showcase how talented they are.

I'm not saying that Baton Rouge should be at DEFCON 1, but don't plan on leaving at halftime this week (mainly because you should stay for at least the first alma mater, but that's a rant for another week) because Western Kentucky can put up points with the best of them, and LSU's secondary has surprisingly been a weak point. To wit, the Hilltoppers are third in the nation with 2850 yards.

The thing is, we have a date with Saban and Alabama in Tuscaloosa on the First Saturday In November. We've come too far (literally, we went to Syracuse) to let Western Kentucky spoil this season for us. Let's take care of business and batten down the hatches during the bye week.