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2nd Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool

Only the strong survive.

Week 7 more like week bleh-ven. We lost four as the mighty Rebels of Mississippi were toppled in Memphis and Vandy, well, did Vandy things. That means we're down to 11 halfway through the season. Now bye weeks become a big factor and players get pigeon-holed into picking rough match-ups. The joys of survivor.

I'll track everything on this Google Spreadsheet:

Games for the Week

Auburn @ Arkansas
Tennessee @ #8 Alabama
Missouri @ Vanderbilt
Western Kentucky @ #5 LSU
#15 Texas A&M @ #24 Ole Miss
Kentucky @ Mississippi State

There's some potential spoilers here. I don't think LSU and Bama are the stone cold locks that Vegas seems to. Ole Miss as underdogs coming off a tough loss could be the type of chemistry that creates a mini-upset. The other three matchups look like pure toss ups. Missouri can't move the ball and is going up against one of the conference's best defenses on the road. Auburn and Arkansas are both mortally flawed in different ways. Kentucky and Mississippi State are both middle of the pack conference teams, but Kentucky is playing with genuine stakes. Not the most big time games, but should be some fun watching!

Good luck out there.