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Alabama, we'll be me...

#TurnHeel #BamaHype


Alabama, our choices have brought us to this point. As you well know, there's a process to everything in life...and everything in life will come in due time. It's not going to be tonight, it's not going to be tomorrow. But our time is coming, isn't it? November 7. After the sun goes down.

You know, I've been called a lot of things. They say I'm not an honest man. They say that I'm more comfortable with the lights out. Personally, I've always thought that darkness is honestly deceptive. It conceals. You might not ever know what's in that void. Behind that shadow. But it's always there. You can always see it. Whether or not you take a look, well that's a choice we all have to make for ourselves.

But it's always there. In every man's soul there are dark recesses. Secrets that he keeps out of the light. Shadows. Things -- desires -- that he shares with no one. Not his father. Not his pastor. Not even his wife. I'm no different. I just choose not to be afraid of my shadow. I know who I am. A man defines his shadow, but it does not define him.

I've never hid who I am, Alabama. And I don't hide from my desires, either. I'm a man who goes after exactly what I want, and there's a process to that, too. Somebody's going to leave Bryant-Denny Stadium disappointed that Saturday night. Now I would never disappoint myself -- you, I don't mind. And Alabama, if you're willing to come look, you just might be able to find me. I'll be waiting.

Trust me.