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Leonard Fournette Heisman Watch: Week 9

Did No. 7 keep the ball rolling?

Another week on the board, and the Heisman race is officially reaching "Well, let's start spitballing a list of qualified candidates" level. Also now into, "I'm gonna start arguing for someone other than Fournette so people pay attention to me" levels. Which is fine. We should talk about people other than Fournette, because the ceremony won't just be one guy up there... which is exactly why I've been doing this piece for weeks now.

Fournette's Average is Your Great

Last Week: 26 Carries, 150 Yards, 1 TD, 1 Catch, 2 yards
Season: 176 Carries, 1,352 Yards, 7.7 YPC, 15 TDs, 7 Catches, 58 Yards

If Fournette's game vs. Florida wasn't flashy, this one doubled down on the efforts while still accruing numbers most RBs dream of. His long run of the night was 18 yards. That is his shortest long run of the night on the year. Fournette played in slop without his FB, with his OL struggling, against a team that sold everything to stop him and still dropped a buck fifty at nearly 6 yards a pop. /yawn /stretch

Also, if you don't follow Todd Politz, do it right now, for great stuff like this:

Bovada Odds: 2/5
Next Week: BYE

The Main Contenders

Trevone Boykin, QB, TCU

Last Week: BYE

Season: 166/255, 66.4%, 2,539 Yards, 25 TDs, 4 INTs, 77 Carries, 440 Yards, 5 TDs

Pros: Coming off a bye, there's not much more to add to Boykin, other than he's a clear no. 2, or possibly no. 1, at this point, with the injury to Seth Russell (more on this later). This, actually, is maybe the biggest Pro, as Boykin no longer has to worry about splitting the Big 12 or Texas votes. He's the man, without a doubt.

Cons: I don't really have any. Boykin is doing silly things and looks every bit the part of a Heisman finalist, if not a Heisman winner. He's essentially THE reason TCU is undefeated with their shaky defense, as well.

Bovada Odds: 15/2
Next Week: West Virginia

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

Last Week: 19 Carries, 142 Yards, 7.5 YPC, 2 TD, 3 Catches, 29 Yards
Season: 167 Carries, 1130 Yards, 6.8 YPC, 13 TDs, 23 Catches, 160 Yards

Pros: Elliott is the one constant in a Buckeye offense that's ridden highs and lows all season. Ohio State is also a prime playoff contender, which will keep Elliott squarely in view all season.

Cons: When you go into a head-to-head battle and your numbers aren't as good as the opposition, it's hard to support picking you. His main con is that he's simply not Leonard Fournette.

Bovada Odds: 9/1
Next Week: BYE

Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

Last Week: 28 Carries, 143 Yards, 5.1 YPC, 2 TD
Season: 180 Carries, 1,044 Yards, 5.8 YPC, 14 TD, 8 Catches, 69 Yards

Pros: He plays for Alabama! He's big and fast and easy to spot on television! He plays for Alabama! He destroyed Texas A&M! Did I mention he plays for Alabama?!

Cons: Look, Henry is averaging 5.8 YPC on the season, which is a number described as "quiet" for Leonard Fournette. When there's a guy at your position... in your conference... that is better than you, it's hard to make a case.

Bovada Odds: 11/1
Next Week: BYE

Deshuan Watson, QB, Clemson

Last Week: 15/19, 78.9%, 143 Yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 8 Carries, 98 Yards, 1 TD
Season: 131/189, 69.3%, 1,553 Yards, 15 TD, 7 INT, 64 Carries, 332 yards, 3 TD

Pros: Clemson is sort of the cute, feel good story of the year, because everyone keeps expecting them to completely crumble and they just keep on impressing. That will help Watson for the whole "intangibles!" and "leadership!" despite the fact that his numbers pale in comparison to Boykin.

Cons: Well, his numbers pale in comparison to Boykin.

Bovada Odds: 11/1
Next Week: @NC State

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford

Last Week: 23 Carries, 109 Yards, 1 TD, 5 Catches, 112 Yards, 1 TD
Season: 153 Carries, 953 Yards, 6 TD, 21 Catches, 284 Yards, 2 TD

Pros: He's the most versatile RB in the running. McCaffrey does a bit of it all, unlike Fournette and Henry. Elliott does catch the ball, but doesn't do much with it. Stanford is starting to look like a playoff team, so he'll stay in the spotlight.

Cons: He's got a more diversified skill set and still fewer total yards than Fournette. Much ado about nothing.

Bovada Odds: 18/1
Next Week: @Washington State

The Best of the Rest

Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

Last Week: 6 Catches, 85 Yards, 2 TD, 3 Carries, 17 Yards
Season: 47 Catches, 962 Yards, 18 TDs, 11 Carries, 49 Yards

Pros: He leads the nation in scoring by 18 total points. Gaudy, flashy numbers in a gaudy, flashy offense that remains undefeated.

Cons: Starting QB, Seth Russell, just went down for the season. Will he connect with Stidham the same way? Will the offense be as productive? Can Baylor stay undefeated?

Bovada Odds: 40/1
Next Week: BYE

Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

Last Week: 32/44, 72.7%, 447 Yards, 4 TDs, 2 Carries, 6 Yards, 1 TD
Season: 174/243, 71.6%, 2366 yards, 17 TDs, 1 INT, 46 Carries, 125 Yards, 2 TDs

Pros: Got a nice under dog story to work. Dominated bigger conference opponents. Team is undefeated and he's carrying them and their bad defense.

Cons: Well, he plays for Memphis. His numbers aren't as spectacular as Boykin's.

Bovada Odds: 50/1
Next Week: Tulane

Dalvin Cook, RB, FSU

Last Week: 17 Carries, 82 Yards, 4.8 YPC, 1 TD, 4 Catches, 50 Yards
Season: 127 Carries, 1037 Yards, 8.2 YPC, 11 TDs, 15 Catches, 181 Yards, 1 TD

Pros: LOL

Cons: LOL

Speedy recovery

Seth Russell, QB, Baylor

Season: 119/200, 59.5%, 2,104, 29 TD, 6 INT, 49 Carries, 402 Yards, 6 TD

As you all know, Russell was injured and will undergo season-ending neck surgery. I wanted to include his stat line, which will mostly like register in the top 15% of all QBs this season, despite being only through 7 games. It's filthy and absurd. Get well soon, Seth!