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First Impressions: LSU 44-22 Eastern Michigan

I don't really know what I watched this evening, but LSU won.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With the McNeese cancellation in Week 1, we had yet to see LSU play a bodybag a game, as these contests are affectionately called. This was the game where LSU could try out some new things and shore up some of the issues from the past three weeks before resuming conference play next week. Oh and of course giving Leonard Fournette a chance to bolster his Heisman case against the worst rush defense in the country. Instead, the passing game looked porous with a mixture of hurried throws from Brandon Harris, and more drops from WR's. The defense looked disinterested for the majority of the night. And it was ugly all around. But Leonard Fournette stayed doing his thing at least.

  • A throw on LSU's first play from scrimmage. How many bet on that?
  • Of course, following a nice completion, LSU ran the ball five times in a row
  • Eastern Michigan's helmets suck
  • Arden Key got the start for LSU, and in the opening two EMU possessions was a second or two from getting a sack on nearly every pass. I'd be surprised if he wasn't starting every game pretty soon.
  • Empty backfield! Think that's the first time we've seen that this season
  • Brandon Harris' running continues to be a big threat for this offense
  • Jamal Adams is seeking to add his name to the list of Tigers who own a Thorpe Award
  • Where have these TE catches been all my life?
  • Harris' reads on the option plays have not been great this year. Something he's going to have to work on
  • The defense on any edge run for EMU was pretty lackluster. And much like in the second half vs Auburn and Syracuse, the D looked very sleepy.
  • The offensive line was looking actually okay, and then they got sloppy, Harris showed some poor pocket awareness, and he lost the ball and it fell into the hands of an EMU player. LSU's first turnover of the year comes in the second quarter of game four.
  • Every LSU WR is going to spend an hour after practice this week working on catching the ball.
  • Leonard Fournette ran a ball. And that ball went a long way.
  • This game was dumb and halfway through it I was ready to be over. We only get 12-13 games a year and you should enjoy them, but this was a slog.
  • I got asked to write the recap for this game yesterday because Poseur, Paul, and Billy were unavailable. Now I know why they were unavailable. I felt tired watching this.
  • Darrel Williams busted out a run in the 3rd Quarter that looked like a Jeremy Hill run. Rumbles through some tackles, gets to the second level, and runs away from DB's.
  • Catch the football, guys. Please. Just once.
  • Delay of game on a kickoff. Yeah, I don't know.
  • This was the Syracuse game all over again. Except worse. I mean, geez. This was so darn ugly. LSU looks like a team that plays up and down to the competition. Miss State and Auburn they came out guns blazing and looking really sharp. Last two disinterested. Didn't look like they wanted to be on the field.
  • Deion Jones with interceptions in back to back games. This defense is weird. The sacks and takeaways are back, but they also have shown us two games where they flew around the field, and two others where they were slow and exhibited poor tackling.
  • Kevin Toliver with his first LSU INT. True freshmen fits in with DBU pretty nicely.
  • Somehow, someway Ally Broussard's record evaded Leonard Fournette once again.