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Soccer Draws The Dores

Tigers' fail to finish in second half flurry.

WatsonTiger/AdamATVS/Adam Henderson/Me

In order to pull themselves out of the hole that they dug themselves, LSU needed to pull out three points against Vanderbilt Friday night. They failed in a scoreless draw.

LSU came into the match 1-3 in conference play due to their misgivings, and the first half of the match was pretty much a continuation of the Ole Miss match from Sunday night. The only times when LSU had possession where when they were attempting to clear out a Vanderbilt ball. Passing was less than spotty, but props to the Tiger back line for corralling any Commodore attack.

In the second half, LSU flipped the switch. The ball lived in the south side of the field, with LSU keeping a circle of players around the ball and firing off run after run, forcing Vanderbilt to concede corners and throw ins left and right.

Yet LSU could not make it count. The Tigers took solid corners, yet every one found the glove of Christina Ogunsami. Vanderbilt was able to start getting more coherent possessions around the 75' mark but seemed content to play for extra time.

LSU's struggles in the extra periods are well documented. Twice the Tigers have settled for ties, and twice the Tigers have conceded a heart breaking game winner. This time the air LSU was playing with for all of the second half was let out and the Tigers were forced to play defense for the most part, which the Dores were happy to oblige. Vanderbilt attempted a smash and grab to end the game, including a rocket shot that bounced off the crossbar, but the Tigers were able to hold on for a draw.

It's tough to complain about getting a point, but the whole game just felt like there was something missing from LSU. The game could have easily been 3-0 from the second half alone, but sometimes soccer dishes out bad breaks. There's plenty of time left in the season, but LSU needs to pull back into the ruts with a quickness.

LSU is off this Sunday and is back in action next Friday night at home against Missouri at 7, which can be found on SEC Network +.