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Tiger Tracklist: South Carolina

There's a storm coming...

First I'm gone stack some mo
First I'm gone stack some mo

Death Valley is one of the most intimidating and intense places to play in all of college football. Each week, I will handcraft a playlist for Tiger fans to listen to in order to ensure that they are at their most HYPE. NSFW.

The first three songs on this week's Tracklist pay homage to South Carolina and their traditions. 2001 and Sandstorm are obvious, but did you know that Jeezy, an Atlanta based rapper, was born in Columbia? You learned today, whether you like it or not.

I've made my distaste for Drake well known on Twitter dot com, but my hand was forced this week, and I had to include him this week. At least there's Future on the track as well to make it worthwhile. In order to make up for that, I followed Aubrey with Suzy Six Speed.

After the mandated Run The Jewels joint, David Dallas' Runnin' and Benny Benassi's Cinema pay homage to Leonard Fournette, because honestly yes, I could watch Leonard run the ball forever.

The last song is one that I debated heavily because of one line, but chose to keep in as a reminder of what's going on in South Carolina. This is just a football game and at the end of the day, it does not matter. Homes are gone and lives have been uprooted or ended. If there's anybody that understand what the residents of South Carolina are going through, it's us.That's why if you're free and able, I encourage you to buy tickets for the game. Not only will you get to see Leonard Fournette (And Jamal Adams) play football, you'll also be helping out over on the east coast, since the profits from the gate are going to relief funds. Be a rockstar and bring goods to donate as well.

If you can't go, I implore you to donate. You don't have to break the bank. I'm not telling you what to do, but the relief effort would appreciate five dollars more than you would a Chic Fil A biscuit on your way to work.

And please, whatever you do, keep the people of South Carolina in your thoughts and prayers, if you're inclined to that.

Into the flood again...

Same ole trip it was back then