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Lunch with Les 11/09/15 - Arkansas Pregame

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Usually after a Bama loss, this press conference features a subdued and melancholy Les Miles, but today he seemed a bit terse, Read into that what you will...Congrats to Fournette on raising $101K with the jersey will watch the footage of the game on Monday, then have to move on....Jalen Mills apparently took a leadership role on the locker room after the game...Credits the Alabama defense for keeping LSU out of sync and unable to sustain drives...Is asked if LSU should try something different against Bama after losing a 5th straight game in the series, Miles counters that in only 2 of the games was LSU not in a position to win at the very end...asked about the situation in Missouri and Fournette's jersey auction as a sign that college football players are starting to make more of an impact off the field. Miles said he wasn't up on the situation at Mizzou, but gave this quote

... Our country was built on the ability to protest and to do so in a right and straightforward manner, to make their expressions known and their feelings known.

TED says Happy Birthday (Miles turns 62 on Tuesday. Ted turns 91 on Wednesday) credit to Christian LaCouture for a good performance, but says there's not much that the D Line could do towards the end of the game after being on the field twice as long as the opponent....Blames Guice's issues in the return game on lack of blocking...J.D. Moore is out for the rest of the season, his replacement is not quite settled between Bry'Kiethon Mouton and Dave Ducre... Gamble is being instructed to angle kickoffs to the corners, Domingue may be tried out on kickoffs again....says Arkansas's miracle backwards lateral is something LSU will start practicing...Lewis Neal got "nicked", but he shouldn't miss any practice.

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LSU Release [PDF]

Arkansas Release [PDF]

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