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Playin' ... "Nice" ... :Arkansas Fight

BERT vs. Houston, WHO YA GOT???

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Talkin' Boots and Bud Heavy with our man Doc Harper of Arkansas Fight.

1. Look, can we just make a deal and y'all just maybe drop The Boot off the back of your equipment truck on the way down here?

I'm ok with that but our Louisiana players are pretty protective of it.

Now, they might hide it in their dorm or something, and that would be fine with me. Everyone knows the best trophies are made of ice and/or chocolate, it's theirs as far as I'm concerned.

2. Although speaking of The Boot...BERT's downed some Bud Heavy's off that thing, right?

BERT's really more of a vodka guy. Tito's, to be exact. I mean, they did cut all the rivers into the trophy, so theoretically, it should be pretty easy to get it to flow down like it's going into the Mississippi. He's definitely done that.

3. We know that the Aggies have given y'all some trouble since they joined the conference, so how have y'all been paying them back in the offseason since they and Mizzou replaced y'all and South Carolina as the conference pledges?

Well, our baseball team went down to College Station in April when they were ranked #1 and took the series from them, which really started their disappointing end to the season and kick-started our momentum, which ultimately led to an appearance in Omaha, so that wasn't too bad.

Doesn't mean we still wouldn't like a couple of those 4th quarter plays back from September, though. :(

4. Isn't it great to finally have Black Friday off?

We never minded playing on Black Friday. In fact, we're still doing it against Mizzou (although this year I suppose having the day off is a possibility). I like it because I don't care about the shopping and it gives me something to do between Thanksgiving and watching all the other games on Saturday.

I'd much rather play on Black Friday than Thanksgiving Day like the Aggies. They're so weird.

5. Has life for Scots in Arkansas been tougher in the Razorbacks lost to a MAC team?

Yes. Now that we've won a few games we're trying to pretend like it didn't happen, but there are too many reminders. It doesn't matter that you beat Ole Miss, Auburn, and Tennessee, there's always someone whispering "Toledo" and ruining everything.