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LSU vs. Arkansas: BIG. GAME. PREVIEW.

Calling all hogs.

If BIG. GAME. PREVIEW. cared about wins and losses, then we couldn't make fun of nobody. Besides, BIG. GAME. PREVIEW. ain't played nobody yet and they still undefeated. This week: Arkansas.

Callin' Them Hogs


Wow, This Arkansas Hype Vid is Real



Santoast Ramirez

In a Wednesday interview, Shreveport native and Arkansas CB, Santos Ramirez, who LSU lightly recruited, had this to say about Brandon Harris:

"He is predictable where he wants to go. He has got a good arm on him but he’s not as accurate," Ramirez said. "He’s not very good with the ball in terms of decision making but he can really throw the ball and he can get receivers behind us and we have to be careful with it."

Well, that's okay. And I get it, I really do. LSU's passing offense isn't anything dazzling statistically, and players should be confident. Imma let you finish Santos, but may not want to talk shit when the Arkansas pass D ranks in conference like this:

Yards Per Game: Last
Opponent QB Rating: Last
Yards Per Attempt: Last (by 1.3 yards!)
Completion Percentage: Last


Miles, Les Miles

Les Miles: Do you expect me to punt, Bielema?

Bret Bielema: No coach Miles, I expect you to run the dive.

(hat tip to Billy for the dialogue)









Last week, the mothership tried to christen LSU/Alabama as #ManballChristmas, and that's a delightful little epithet, besides the fact that Alabama is now a one-back, West Coast offense that likes to stretch the field horizontally as much as most spread teams. They are decidedly un-manball, even if they trot out a gigantic ass running back.

Therefore, I put forward a motion to christen this week as #FnManball week. Two big, nasty teams that couldn't care less about throwing the football and would rather just run smooth the fuck over you. Please support the cause by hashtagging all of your LSU vs. Arkansas related tweets with #FnManball.

Hug a fullback this weekend.


You asked for it, and you got it, Les.

Bring on the Hogs. Bring 'em fat and well fed. We're gonna stick an apple in that mouth and put you on a spit. Because we like our pork, and we like it fried and we like it baked and we like it smoked and we like it pulled and we like it any which way you can have it. If you haven't heard much from us this week, there's a reason. Our silence is not our weakness, it's the beginning of our revenge. Gird your loins, man your stations, the road to redemption begins now.

LSU: 34
Arkansas: 17