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2nd Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 11

6 remain.

Week 11. One more down. And badkins was damn proud of his pick too:


Alas, the final 6. We could be entering tiebreaker scenarios, which might be fun, or might not, I dunno.

I'll track everything on this Google Spreadsheet:

Games for the Week

#11 Florida @ South Carolina
Georgia @ Auburn
North Texas @ Tennessee
#2 Alabama @ #17 Mississippi State
Kentucky @ Vanderbilt
Arkansas @ #9 LSU
BYU @ Missouri

Lots of even match-ups here. Most of the best teams are on the road, which is always tricky. Kentucky vs. Vandy in the Loser Gets Fired bowl. Georgia vs. Auburn in the We Had High Expectations and Failed Miserably bowl. Tennessee vs. a punching bag. Missouri gets a tough non-con game in what are the final days of Gary Pinkel.

Do you go good road team? Do you have Tennessee left in the bag? Do you make yourself miserable by picking Alabama. Looks like that's what I'm stuck doing. Damn.