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First impressions: LSU 14, Arkansas 31

Not good, Bob.

It's not supposed to go that way, Brandon
It's not supposed to go that way, Brandon
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Fire everybody.

Look, losing big to Alabama is not ideal, but it is at least excusable. Bama is sort of awesome. But falling behind 21-0, AT HOME, to a mediocre Arkansas team is ridiculous. LSU had negative rushing yards at the half, and that's with a guy who was formerly a Heisman contender.

Now it all lays in shambles. LSU has no shot at a New Years Day Bowl, much less an SEC title. Fournette's Heisman bandwagon lays in flaming wreckage on the side of the highway as well. This team has gone from playoff contender to just another team in the SEC West logjam of mediocrity well behind Alabama.

You can lose to Arkansas. It happens. But LSU got its doors absolutely blown off by Arkansas, and not even a particularly great Arkansas team.

Leonard Fournette rushed for just 91 yards on 19 carries. Not only did Alex Collins gain 50 more yards on 3 less touches, but Kody Walker was just three yards off of his total, on two less carries. Fournette's longest carry was just 13 yards.

The offensive line, which a few weeks ago was a team strength, has now turned into an utter liability. Not only is Fournette barely seeing any space, but a defense that had only managed 8 sacks all year coming in to the game, managed to get 5 sacks on Harris tonight.

This game was an utter disaster from start to finish. Fournette scored a touchdown on the first drive of the second half, cutting the lead to seven, and issuing a challenge to the defense and the fans to step up their level of intensity. No one answered the call.

The special teams unit, of course, immediately gave up a huge return, and the defense allowed the Hogs to drive down the field, only holding them to a short field goal. LSU started to respond, but punted near midfield on fourth and four. The Tigers would never have a better chance to score when the game was still in doubt.

But the worst moment of the game was not the defense allowing touchdown plays of 52, 80, and 69 yards, respectively. No, the worst part of the game was when the offense went into the hurry-up with about nine minutes left, needing points quickly, and managed to put forth one of the most incompetent displays of offense I have ever seen. LSU could not get a play in to Harris in TWENTY SECONDS. Which sort of defeats the whole hurry up part of things. But then the team couldn't line up correctly anyway, and committed three formation penalties in one attempted series of downs.

Last week was a bad loss. This? This was a fucking disaster.