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Behind the Box Score: Arkansas

Anatomy of a murder

They did a lot of posing for the cameras
They did a lot of posing for the cameras
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Sigh. Let's do this.

3. Number of Arkansas touchdowns over 50 yards. That's a huge number, obviously. 201 yards of Arkansas' total offense came on those three plays. Two of which blew the game open, and one of them slammed the door shut. That's nearly half of Arkansas' offensive output in just three plays.

271. LSU's yards passing. Brandon Harris actually closed the game with a good looking line: 21 for 35 for 271 yards on a 7.7 average yards/attempt. This is one of those times the stats truly deceive. Harris looked pretty good early in the year even when he was throwing for under 100 yards, but he didn't look all that good while throwing for over 250. For all of the people who wanted LSU to open up the offense, well, you got your wish. I hope you're happy.

5-37. Arkansas came into the game with only 8 sacks on the season. They leave with 13. I can't even explain this one. LSU's offensive line has gone from a team strength to a massive liability. The line has been beyond terrible these past two weeks, and if you can't block, you can't do anything else. If the line falls apart, so does the offense. This just in: the line has fallen apart.

59. LSU's rushing yards. FIFTY-NINE. Fournette managed to eke out 91 yards on 19 carries, never getting more than 13 yards on any carry. His big play ability has totally evaporated these past two weeks. Part of that is the offensive line, but you'd think he could bust one once he got through the line. No such luck. Arkansas had three different players with more rushing yards than LSU's entire offensive output in the running game. Alex Collins had 141, Kody Walker 88, and Jared Cornelius had 71 (on just two carries). It's bad news when one guy outrushes your entire team, but it's an utter catastrophe when three guys manage to do it. I don't think I've ever seen that happen to LSU. Even last week, Bama only had two guys top LSU's total.

8-109. At least Malachi Dupre had a good game. He's about the only guy still producing, so... yay, I guess. He even had a freakish touchdown catch. He might be the only guy not dreading film study this week.

2. Derrius Guice's total number of tackles. Only five LSU defenders had more tackles than Guice, who is a running back. I realize he plays special teams, but when you're back-up running back is tied as your seventh-leading tackler, things have probably gone pretty poorly for your team. This is also where I point out that Ricky Jefferson, who showed up on the highlights on each of Arkansas' long touchdowns, recorded 0 tackles and just 1 assist. We don't even have a term for how bad of a game he had.

3 of 10. Arkansas' third down conversions. I was looking for a positive defensive stat. That's the best I got.