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Tiger Tracklist: Ole Miss

A Rebel I be one day...

Death Valley is one of the most intimidating and intense places to play in all of college football. Each week, I will handcraft a playlist for Tiger fans to listen to in order to ensure that they are at their most HYPE. NSFW.

This isn't LSU, and it won't stand.

Two weeks ago we were occupying a playoff spot and undefeated. Now we're eliminated from winning the SEC West. Losing to Alabama, a great team, on the road excusable. Not ideal, but it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. No, that came next week when we lost to a middling Arkansas team, at home, at night. It simply wasn't LSU.

Now, these things tend to happen in football, and it's happened to LSU quite a bit. But this time, it's had a bigger impact. This time, the sky is falling, no it's really falling this time. Some are already engraving Les Miles' tombstone. This is the end of an era for LSU, they're saying.

Well, the apocalypse has been cancelled.

This team has two choices: pack it in and quit, or buckle down and fight like hell, because when a tiger is backed into a corner is when they're at their most deadly. I'm not going to tell you what this team is going to do, because that's a fool's errand at this point, but I can assure you that the motivation is there because at the end of the day, this is Ole Miss. They hate us. We hate them. We've ruined their seasons and they've embarrassed us. Hell, every year they beat us is an embarrassment because Ole Miss beat us.

The #narrative is that LSU has been found out. Load the box and outnumber Fournette. Couple that with LSU's WOEFUL offensive line play and it's no surprise LSU has lost two in a row. Fortunately for us, Ole Miss' defense is the perfect tool to take our frustrations out on.

The season has gone from a dream to a nightmare in a fortnight. But at the end of the day, this is where the season as a whole is won or lost. The team can quit now and suffer through 180 more minutes of painful whippings and say "oh we'll be better next year" or they can put their foot in the mud and push back, rally and say "no, we'll be better this year".

Losing two games has become unacceptable, and that really speaks volumes as to where the program is at now. However, beating Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M all in the same season is something to salvage.