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2nd Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 12

3 left standing.

Well, the might Wildcats of Kentucky have taken their yearly nosedive, losing to Vanderbilt. With them, they take bigbrad and wayfaringtiger, leaving only myself, Ttaylo5, and NeedzMoarLolz to valiantly fight for this ignoble crown. I have no idea what the word ignoble means, but it sounds bad. If you put "ig" in front of anything, it automatically makes it sound bad. Watch:



I'll track everything on this Google Spreadsheet:

Games for the Week

FAU @ #8 Florida
#15 LSU @ #22 Ole Miss
Idaho @ Auburn
Mississippi State @ Arkansas
Georgia Southern @ Georgia
Tennessee @ Missouri
Texas A&M @ Vanderbilt
Charlotte @ Kentucky

Look, I was going to pick Kentucky, but that would make us 3 for 3 there. It would also mean all 3 of us were legally bound to pick Arkansas next week, which makes for two weeks of boredom. So, fuck it. I'm taking Arkansas. Go big or go home, baby.

This means you two get Arkansas against a bad Missouri (yay!) playing in a sendoff game for Gary Pinkel and potentially playing for bowl eligibility (wha wha).*

This means I get Kentucky playing for bowl eligibility vs. their most hostile rival. Hell, Kentucky beat 'em last year on the road. Why not two in a row? SEC SEC SEC*

*We could both win out, then be playing heads up again. If we both pull it out again, then we go into tiebreak mode for the SECCG!