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Lunch With Les 11/23/15 - A&M Pregame

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After how crazy the morning got with rumors of Les Miles firing, I don't know why anyone expected him to do anything but come right out and mostly defuse the situation. Miles was damn near jovial, starting off with a veiled jab at Kirk Herbstreit (that got aired live on ESPN2 by coincidence) and then the usual comments about how he doesn't read the papers or watch TV this time of year...15 seniors to be celebrated this weekend...On Ole Miss, reviewed the tape on the penalty on the opening 60 yard play and agreed with the call. Miles would comment that he agreed with many of the penalty calls...gave the defense credit for holding Ole Miss to their second lowest offensive output of the year, but acknowledged that the corners had a rough night and the line lost containment when Kelly took off on the run...compliments the special teams play for it's improvement on the night...puts some blame for the downturn this month on the injuries and lack of quality depth at certain positions...dismissed the notion of needing a public "vote of confidence" for recruiting purposes...says Fournette deserves a trip to New York...TED gets the mic and causes ESPN2 to cut away, a long rambling speech to the room about LSU's lack of experienced players compared to the opposition these last few weeks, followed by a question about the goal line fumble, for which Miles says the players made a mistake, that he takes responsibility for...Hawkins should be back this week, Dural is questionable...believes Fournette is good enough to overcome the losses of JD Moore and Dylan Gordon in front of him...when asked about changing the scheme before the next game...

I think those guys that we have, you can change scheme and scheme is scheme. But if the players aren't comfortable in running what it is you're calling, it can be a problem.

...wouldn't make any comments about Chavis...asked about Harris' high throws getting receivers hurt, said he'll get better with time, complemented Harris' north-south running in the game...wont say that this year looked like a rebuilding year at the offset...On living in Louisiana for 11 years...

Yeah, I think the stability in LSU, being the head coach and giving leadership here and allowing my family to enjoy the opportunities of the community and the enjoyment of Louisiana has just been rich to our family.

It's given us insight to people and different areas. This is home.

It's bee written elsewhere that Miles body language in the presser was that of "a man who knew his fate was sealed", but I don't see that. Granted, I wasn't in the room, but his mannerisms in the presser were no different than they've been the last few year's I've been watching his press conferences. If it weren't for the job questions, this would have seemed like any other Les Miles interview. In my opinion anyway.

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