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Women's Basketball Falls at Tulane

I get straight to the point because I knew this was going to happen.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

I saw this coming. The signs were there.

LSU has been barely getting by against non-conference opponents.

The Lady Tigers needed overtime to beat ULM. Only won by 6 in both of the last two games. Then factor in Nikki Fargas' 1-3 -- well, now 1-4 -- record against Tulane. And there you go.

So now, the Lady Tigers are 3-2, and without Raigyne Moncrief, until probably next season.

FYI: Five SEC teams are sitting in the AP Women’s Basketball Top 25 (Top 12, actually) with two more receiving votes. I have to mentally prepare myself for the rest of this season. And we haven’t even gotten to or through the UConn game yet.

Enough of my negativity. Let’s talk about a positive: Jenna Deemer, who was recruited to score, and is doing a good job of it.

Deemer led LSU in scoring the last three games: 19 vs. Tulane, 17 vs. Long Beach State, 19 vs. Little Rock.

Deemer’s Tulane stat line:

  • FG: 5-for-10
  • 3FG: 3-for-3
  • FT: 6-for-6
  • One rebound

The game was tied at halftime, but it all went downhill after Tulane’s third-quarter run.

Akilah Bethel and Shanice Norton scored 10 points each. Bethel grabbed seven rebounds, too.

Alliyah Fareo played for the first time this season.


Lady Tigers are headed to a Thanksgiving Tourney with Purdue (3-0), Louisville (0-2) and Marist (0-4).