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Playin' Nice: Good Bull Hunting

Rush Roberts of Good Bull Hunting gives us the 411 on the Aggies.

1. It seems as though the Aggies' season has had as many ups and downs as ours. What have been the problems for this team?

Inconsistency, mostly on offense. We came out on fire for Arizona State, couldn't really tell much after Nevada and Ball State, then ran into some hangups against Arkansas. Since then it's been up and down with a lot of down. Throw in the QB shuffle, benchings, various minor injuries and's a recipe for chaos. Vanderbilt was the most complete game the offense has played since September, at least between the twenty yard-lines.

2. What's the quarterback situation for this team right now? We getting Kyle, or Kyler?

Gonna be Kyle. He's got the edge on experience and now he's got his confidence back.

3. Tra Carson is just a couple yards short of 1,000 on the season. Is this finally a balanced attack?

It's more that he's had to become the feature back out of necessity: Brandon Williams was moved to cornerback, and James White has been battling injury most of the year. Not to take away from anything he's done, though. Carson has been a champ this year: steady, reliable, and does everything asked of him. If anyone deserves to be that first Aggie running back to get to 1,000 yards in the SEC, it's him. He's been the most dependable player on the offense this season.

4. A&M's overall defense's numbers are better, but run defense is still a problem. What's the story there?

Seems to be a combination of a couple of things: really aggressive defensive end play and being really thin at linebacker. Garrett and Hall are great against the pass but can sometimes run themselves out of the play. And all three of our starting linebackers have missed significant time to injury this season, with Otaro Alaka actually getting a medical redshirt. They looked as good against Vandy's rushing attack (123 yards allowed) as they had all season thanks to the play of Richard Moore at middle linebacker. He's a true freshman and a bit undersized, but he can play.

5. Everybody knows about Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall, but who are some other defenders on this team Leonard Fournette may have to worry about?

Donovan Wilson. He's drawn the obvious comparisons to Honey Badger. He's just got that spark and a knack for being around the ball that we haven't seen in Aggieland for a long time.