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Tiger Tracklist: Texas A&M

We're far from good, not good from far...

So this is the end of the line, so goodbye
So this is the end of the line, so goodbye
Paul Crewe

Death Valley is one of the most intimidating and intense places to play in all of college football. Each week, I will handcraft a playlist for Tiger fans to listen to in order to ensure that they are at their most HYPE. NSFW.

If this is Les Miles' last game wearing purple and gold, so be it. I don't agree with outing Les, but there's no using in trying to push against a freight train once it starts moving. So it seems my last game as a student will be Les' last as well. And frankly, there's only one way to send us both out:


With reports surfacing that Miles could be out of a job by Sunday, there's no "the team is unmotivated" excuse. The team is behind their coach and frankly, at least for one more game, the entire fanbase should be too.

And it's not like the opponent isn't worth hating. The rich, weird kids who just transferred in could not beat our defensive coordinator so they simply bought him. They insist on us wearing burnt orange and calling them "senpai". They hate female cheerleaders and love milkmen. They wear adidas.

Which makes them perfect for snapping a three game losing  streak and sending off our coach and seniors with a win against.

So there's time for one more go around, one final lap in Death Valley. Make it count.