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Riding off into the sunset.

This the end. In some small way I feel as BIG. GAME. PREVIEW. is the embodiment of Les. It's equal parts silly and bad and illogical and fun and successful too. It likes to trash talk but also to laugh at itself. Most people aren't really sure what it is and what it isn't. Almost all of the jokes are bad. Did I mention that none of this makes much sense?

I love you, Les. Like seriously, way more than any straight dude should love any other dude stranger. Your'e the man. I don't care if we win the next 50 national championships. You'll always be the best coach to me.






The Special Relationship




John Benedict Arnold Chavis


Did you know:

  • Chavis plotted the assassination of Julius Caesar.
  • Chavis defected from the American Army during the Revolutionary War to join the Brits.
  • Chavis sold Jesus to the Sanhedrin.
  • Chavis left LSU to join Texas A&M's staff over some contract mumbo jumbo.
Wow, what scum.

No Country For Old Men


We're out here, and we're all just searchin'. Blind leading the blind. You know, I tell this story. There's two men, one young, one old. And they both set about and hop on their donkeys for a long uphill trail climb. And this trail, it's ugly and nasty and tough. No one rides this trail, not unless they have to. And these two, the young one and the old one, well, they have to. Why? Well that's not important. What matters is that they have to. So they go, up and up and up. It's getting hotter and hotter and hotter. You see, the climb starts early in the morning and they won't return home until well after sunset. This climb is an all day affair. On the climb, there's a lot of obstacles. The terrain is rugged. The wildlife is dangerous. The sun, boy the the sun, it's brutal.

Anyways, they amble on and on and finally reach a part on the trail where it splits. It's the only choice and both routes lead to the same destination. One of the paths is longer. The other is steeper. Both take the same amount of time. Two different types of difficult. So they split. The old man takes the longer path. The young man takes the steeper one.

Several hours later, they both meet at the top.

I reckon the moral is we're all going somewhere and gonna wind up there one way or another.