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How To Football: Week 10

Separation Saturday is packed. But your pal Watson is here to help you sort it out.

There's a storm coming, Mister Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches...
There's a storm coming, Mister Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches...
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Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year, the much longed for stretch of the year where there is football on every night of the week. Gameday is going to meet LSU in Tuscaloosa for The Big Game On Saturday.

#MACtion Shift

NIU and Toledo keep the football rolling, taking the baton from #shieldball and easing us back into college football. This is more than just your average weeknight MACtion, as the Rockets are 7-0 and found a way inside Club Top 25. You best believe the MAC is secretly hoping Toledo's dreams don't shatter in the Glass Bowl.

I'm not even sorry.


The Ohio University of Ohio (OH) and Bowling Green serve as the bridge between Toledo's showcase and the meat of the week.

The Other Bulldogs And The Other Other Tigers In The SEC Shift

Baylor walks into the Little Apple to play Bill Snyder's Wildcats, who are deeeesperate for their first conference win to snap their 4 game skid. The Wildcats started off conference play by losing to Oklahoma State and TCU, two of the three best teams in the Big 12, by a combined 9 points, then lost to Oklahoma and Texas by a combined 69 (nice). Buffalo-Kent State and Arkansas State-FCS Alabama should hold you over until Mississippi State and Missouri kicks off on the mothership. In their last three games, Missouri has only scored a combined 12 points, not great. While Mississippi State is a far cry from the team that was fielded last season, I trust them to score 21 which should put the game easily out of reach for Pinkel.

Pistols And Wine Shift

Fall asleep to Nevada and Fresno State on ESPN2.

Road Rhules Shift

Temple has a get-back game against hapless SMU on ESPN2 while Rice and UTEP enter the forbidden channel.

The Calm Before The Storm Shift

BYU and San Jose have a late start for a Friday night, but watching Tyler Ervin is well worth it. Ervin is 3rd in the nation in rush yards with 1,159 and doesn't exactly have Will Clapp blocking for him. Watch him now so when the Saints pick him up on an UDFA you can say you watched him in college and come off as better than everyone else.

Welcome To Separation Saturday Shift

Texas Tech and West Virginia is the best game on this shift and has the highest potential for best finish, but it's worth keeping an eye glued to Notre Dame and Pitt. The Irish did beat Temple last week, but they didn't exactly do it in convincing fashion, and I see no reason for them to not struggle with Pitt. Fresh off their heartbreak against Miami, Duke plays host to MOST HATED RIVAL, 7-1 North Carolina. Good luck with that, Blue Devils. Florida can pretty much drop it in cruise control and coast to the SEC Championship following their win against Georgia, and they draw Vandy this week. A much-improved Penn State and Northwestern round out the shift.

Shootout In Stillwater Shift

Points. There will be points in Stillwater between TCU and Oklahoma State. I wouldn't be shocked it the point total for TTU-WVU and TCU-OSU clips 200. The other marquee game probably won't hold as much points, but Florida State and Clemson promises to be just as good and entertaining. Undefeated and ranked Iowa takes their testament to man's arrogance to Bloomington to play Indiana, who does not look as great as they did when the #iufb4gameday movement was at full stride. Washington State stood tall to Stanford last week and I really like their chances against Arizona State. Another team in the thick of the Group of 5 race, Houston, has an interesting test against Cincy.

Game Of The Century IV Shift

LSU beats up on some scrub this week, but before that happens catch an hour of Sparty whipping up on Nebraska and Utah visiting Washington, which will absolutely be a great game. I'm fully on board the Memphis pain train and I'm a card carrying believer of Justin Fuente, but Navy might be the closest game Memphis will play in the regular seasons. The Midshipman's lone loss on the year came against Notre Dame, and they have looked damn impressive else wise. After snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against Michigan, Jerrysota goes to the Shoe to play Cardale-lead The Ohio State.

#PAC12AfterDark Shift

Things have gone south for Cal in a hurry, but they can still get into the PAC 12 Championship game. However, they need to beat Oregon first, which even in a down year for the Ducks is no small task. Arizona and USC round out the day since Hawaii plays stateside.