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Lunch with Les 11/2/15 - Alabama Pregame

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Very brief opening statement this week, name checks the big names on Bama's offense and special teams...doesn't believe having Kevin Steele (former Bama DC and LBs coach last season) is that much of an advantage when scouting the Bama defense...Miles wont name a favorite LSU-Bama game under his watch, says he instead has favorite players and moments from the series...Tre'Davious White, Christian LaCouture, and JD Moore are all expected to play this week (though a follow up question on JD Moore has me wondering if he's really 100% yet)...some kind words on the passing of Sid Ortis, a young LSU Superfan that Miles had befriended who passed away last week...

Yeah. I was fortunate to meet Sid Ortis. His family knew that he was a great fan of LSU and reached out to Donnie Griffin, who was a pastor in the area, and I was able to make his acquaintance, and he had so much spirit and excitement and loves his Tigers. And I was really impressed by the representation that Alabama had back there. They supported him in every way, and we all will have our day, and he was with his mother and father and is in a better place. So I don't want to spend a lot of time on it, but I think about how fortunate that we are, that I am, that my family being healthy and being in position to continue. And Sid is in a better place.

Compliments for the work Cam Cameron has done in teaching Brandon Harris...talks about taking Heisman talk off of Fournette's plate and letting him focus on contributing to a win, " the greatest credential of a Heisman trophy candidate is a very successful team."...TED is still concerned about the special teams mistakes and touchdowns lost to penalties...says Harris' ability to extend plays with his legs "will certainly be a part of this game"

Overall, a bit of a subdued press conference compared to the usual. It's to be expected, given the opponent.

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