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You might say we have a...Flair for this game, Alabama

Ladies and gentlemen, our guest at this time to talk about this weekend’s showdown in T-town, the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair. #TurnHeel

TONY SCHIAVONE! Woo! First off, let's take a look at what's poppin' in Atlanta GA right here.

Ric Flair What's Hot

This is an Armani Suit, CUSTOM tailored to fit one of the finest bodies on God's Green Earth, and this will set you back $3,000. The shoes on my feet are Versace custom Alligator, and they cost $800. The watch on my wrist right here? Platinum and diamond Rolex, and that goes for $40,000. I ARRIVED AT THIS STUDIO IN A ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM! Alabama, that's a car that costs more than your house brother.

I'm tellin' ya all of this to demonstrate that Ric Flair is first class in how I do everything. I'm first class in the board room! First class in the bar room! First class -- WOO! -- in the bed room! And I'm first class in that ring. You step up to Ric Flair, you step up to the BEST!

The Nature Boy knows what everything costs, because HE KNOWS HOW TO PAY THE PRICE!

Now I hear what the Crimson Tide like to say. They say they got over on the Nature Boy in Baton Rouge, they say they took me down in New Orleans. LISTEN UP! The past is the past, and the future for the Nature Boy is ALWAYS BRIGHT! And I remember those matches, and I remember YOU! ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES BEGGIN' FOR THE BELL! SAYIN' PLEASE SLICK RIC DON'T HIT ME ANYMORE! And on Saturday night in Bryant-Denny Stadium, the Nature Boy and the Four Horsemen are going to finish the job!

Let me tell you how this is gonna go! I'm gonna fly into town in my Gulfstream 5! I'm gonna take it to the penthouse! I'm gonna take the Crimson Tide to the outhouse, and then Arn, Tully, J.J. and myself are gonna paint that red town purple! WOOOOOOOO! Egan's! Five Bar! The Houndstooth! WE'RE GONNA SELL ‘EM OUT! WE'RE GONNA DRINK ‘EM DRY! AND WE'RE GONNA SHOW EVERY SINGLE ALABAMA COED LINED UP ON MAGNOLIA DRIVE WHAT IT'S LIKE TO RIDE SPACE MOUNTAIN!!


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