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Tiger Tracklist: Alabama

I aint never scared.

Oh My Darling Don't Cry
Oh My Darling Don't Cry
Paul Crew Davis

Well, this is it. The game nobody but a few of us thought would decide the season is upon us. Lose and the rest of the season is out of hands and we're at the mercy of college football's unpredictability. Win and the road doesn't get any easier, in fact it gets twice as hard.

Perfect. Let's go win.

I've been sitting on We Ready, the ultimate distillation of a pre-game hype song, all year and now is the perfect time to deploy it. The same goes for Never Scared and X Gon' Give It To Ya. Saul William's slam poetry/rock/rap List Of Demands draws a nice parallel to the LSU-Alabama rivalry. I unfroze noted LSU fan Rich Boy from the cryochamber he entered in 2007 to use his follow up from Throw Some D's in Boy Looka Here (Looka Here is a much better song). And Oh My Darling, Don't Cry.

The back end of the Tracklist features the song that really put Logic on the map, Kendrick's most incendiary song from wire to wire, a cheesy if not highly effective song from Celldweller and Refused, finishing up with Wale's Ambition.

My favorite Les Miles quote is his simple yet understated "I like us". I don't like it because it's another one to pin on the "Les Miles is a crazy bastard" wall, but because of the confidence he exudes when he says it. Les Miles could be going to war against the Viet Cong armed with just a slingshot and some rocks and he's still say "I like us".

I really like us to win. Not by 40 (although that would be so nice) because Alabama's a great football team, but not as great as we are. I like us to win this game and every one that follows it, regardless of who the opponent is. It's just like Kendrick said:

payback's a bitch and bitch you been living in debt with me
dead 'em all and especially, leave a call on his mother voicemail
to say that he rest in peace, bigger chopper the recipe