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First Impressions: LSU 16, Alabama 30

How the West wasn't won

Busted flat.
Busted flat.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

That was a thorough ass kicking.

It's hard to find one positive from this game, as Bama dominated LSU in just about every way one team can dominate another. There was a chance this was going to be another down-to-the-wire kind of game, right up until Brandon Harris threw an interception on the first play of the second half. Alabama would quickly capitalize with a touchdown to take a ten-point lead, and LSU would never recover.

LSU actually was outplayed in the first half as well, but managed to keep the game to a 13-10 margin, thanks to Alabama hitting a 55-yard field goal in the waning seconds of the half. When Alabama is hitting long field goals, you know it's not going to be your night.

Alabama was just flat out better. Not just overall, Alabama was better in every single phase of the game. LSU couldn't run the ball, throw the ball, stop the run, nor stop the pass. On top of that, Bama absolutely dominated LSU on special teams.

It all started up front. LSU's offensive line was horrific tonight. They could not open up any holes for Fournette, nor could they protect Harris in the passing game. Alabama crowded the box, but it didn't much matter, they were able to get pressure on the quarterback without blitzing, and sometimes by only rushing three men.

Leonard Fournette only managed to gain 31 yards on 19 carries. He continually ran into a stacked line with no space to move. But as bad as the line played, you need your Heisman contending running back to make the occasional play. He couldn't make people miss, and when he did, there was always another defender right there to clean up the mess.

Brandon Harris could have helped out, but he completed 6 passes on 19 attempts. He went over the top of the defense of a few teams, most notably when he found Travin Dural in the first half, but he could not consistently make throws. Yes, he was pressured and had little time, but even when he had a look, he missed his receivers. And that interception was the key play of the game.

The defense played fairly well, before finally collapsing after being hung out to dry all game by the offense. Alabama absolutely dominated both time of possession and field position, and there's only so long you can leave the defense on the field before they crack.

The Tigers showed some fight in the fourth quarter, which was nice to see, but it was a classic case of too little, too late. LSU has now lost five straight games to Alabama for the first time since the Bear was still alive. And this team is left looking for answers.