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LSU has the highest-paid football staff in the country

The Tiger football staff came in at the top of the rankings again.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, USA Today updated their annual database of college football assistant salaries, and in total, LSU cam at the top of the rankings with the highest-paid overall coaching staff.

Outgoing Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp ranked at the top with a $1.6 million salary, while LSU's Cam Cameron came in second with $1.5 mill. Here's a look at the top 15:

Salary Database

*cue righteous misplaced anger over coaching salaries*

There aren't many names in the top 10 that I'd say earned those big numbers this season, to say nothing of No. 11, who arguably got his head coach fired.

Anyways, what's all this mean? Not much, at the moment. There's no question Cameron was over-payed this season, although we'd feel the same way if his salary were cut in half as well. What the numbers really mean is that LSU will ultimately spend what they feel is necessary to bring in what they think they need to be successful. And that's a good thing, should Les Miles decide to make changes on the staff.

When or if those changes might be coming are questions we still don't know the answer to. But with the recruiting dead period beginning next week, we may begin to see things unfold. And we'll begin to discuss some things later on today.