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And the Valley Drinks: Malka Keha Dry Stout

A European-style beer from the Middle East.

If you follow the beer scene, or just Drew Magary's Jamboroo every week you know that there's beer all over the world, and some of it's better than others.

And so with that in mind, at a recent trip to The Bulldog, I was able to try a very curious combination: an Israeli Irish Dry Stout -- Malka Keha.

Irish stout beer, characterized by roasted flavor, dark chocolate and coffee with a velvet texture. Bira Malka is produced in small quantities using a traditional methods, natural ingredients and water from a well located in the Western Galilee area which contribute to its unique flavor.

Malka Keha Stout


If you're a fan of Guiness or any other type of dry stout, this is a really high-quality representation of the form I think. The bouquet of roasted malts, but only lightly. The dryness even comes through on the sniff. And on the first taste it starts kind of light, but finishes with a nice spike of a roasted coffee type of flavor. But it's very dry and kind of leave you a little thirsty. This is a really good beer, and I'd definitely drink it again, but it's kind of a before/after dinner drink for me a bit. Not a session, and probably best in smaller amounts like this 10-ounce glass. Not so much because of the heft of it, but the dryness. I bet it would make for a helluva boilermaker though. Strong 3.75 stars for me.