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Michael Divinity Decommits from LSU

Top 100 LB decommits from LSU.

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John Ehret product, Michael Divinity, a top 100 LB prospect that's been committed to LSU since October 11th, officially decommitted last night.

To call LSU's current LB depth chart thin would probably be an understatement. LSU could return no starters in 2016, if Kendell Beckwith opts to leave. The players remaining are hardly a proven bunch.

If you had asked me a month ago who were the most important players to keep in the current batch of commitments, I would have said Feleipe Franks and Michael Divinity, without hesitation. Today, neither player is committed to LSU. LSU's struggles at QB are well documented, but their current LB depth chart is excruciatingly thin. Erick Fowler remains committed, and he's likely to contribute in 2016, just as Divnity would if he decides to commit back to LSU. None of LSU's other commitments are likely to be ready to contribute at LB in 2016, even if a player like Rahssan Thornton is being recruited to play there.

Back to Divnity, the timing of this all wreaks a little. Sure, Chavis and Sumlin just visited Divinity on December 2nd, but it was the same day he was visited by Miles and Frank Wilson. He officially visited A&M back on September 11th, but LSU got his final official in November. In fact, he's been to campus multiple times in the past month and a half. Further, have you seen the dumpster fire that is Texas A&M right now? Why would Divinity all the sudden be interested in jumping ship, as is indicated in his tweet?

Furthermore, Divinity is an Early Enrollee. He has until January 15th to sign with his potential school. Divinity is announcing and signing on January 5th, while picking between LSU and A&M. At this point, it's hard for me to get too worked up about this. Almost all signs point to LSU. Could he flip to A&M in a couple weeks? Sure. That would be horrific news, considering LSU's lack of LB depth, but this looks a lot more like a kid looking to get a little extra shine before he signs his papers and starts his career at LSU.