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Who are the Most Overpaid Offensive Coaching Staffs in America?

Is LSU's coaching staff overpaid? Where do they rank amongst the nation's finest?

It's that time of year. USA Today released their annual coaching salary database. Last season, I parsed the data using S&P+ vs. total staff pay to try and gauge who overpaid and who underpaid across the nation based on their respective performances on offense and defense. Sure, S&P+ isn't fool proof, but it's as good of a full picture statistic that is currently available. Let's jump right in, shall we?

Big Takeaways

  • LSU is ever so slightly below the trend line, though paying wildly more than anyone else for their offensive staff. LSU paid roughly $600,000 more than the next closest staff for slightly below average production. To put that into further perspective, the amount LSU pays over the 2nd highest paid offensive staff in the nation is more than 31 teams pay total for their offensive coaching staffs.
  • The no. 2 highest paid offensive staff in America? That's UCLA, who was not only above the trend line, but also starting a true freshman QB.
  • Hello, Texas Tech. Turns out Kliff Kingsbury's smile isn't the only beautiful thing in Lubbock. Not only is Texas Tech the best offensive team in the country, they are doing it on a budget. Damn.
  • Arkansas made a bold move this offseason moving on from Jim Chaney to eventually hire Dan Enos. It paid off, as the Hogs ranked as the 2nd best offensive team in the country, just ahead of Oklahoma and Western Kentucky.
  • Speaking of Western Kentucky, they spent $389,556 for the nation's 5th best offense. 76 single offensive coaches made more this year. 25 of them coached in the SEC. Jeff Brohm has a big-time future somewhere.
  • Bowling Green paid a shade over $320K for an elite offense. Syracuse may have gotten a good one in Dino Babers.
  • Georgia paid $2.4 million for staggering failure. They were well above the trend line last year. Mike Bobo was both significantly undervalued and subsequently, significantly missed.
  • Washington is so meh worthy, I can't even meh it enough. Cost is middle line. Production, the same. Just fine. Everything is fine. Fine. Fine. /shrugs shoulders
  • At least you didn't pay much for your shitastic performance, Kent State.
  • Central Florida fielded the 3rd worst offense in the country while paying 13th most in total salary. Is that bad?
  • Jimbo Fisher's staff makes a ton but they produce, even with a messy QB situation.

LSU is overpaying for its offensive production, but perhaps not as dramatically as you would have anticipated. More importantly, they improved from last year's horrow show to now at least field a replacement level offense nationally, if not a damn good one in conference. The further we get away from Novemeber, the easier it is to recognize that that was simply one horror show (vs. Bama) and then a trio of middling performances. The good news, LSU is trending upward here.