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Tiger Tracklist: Texas Tech

Now look who creepin' look who crawlin still ballin' in the mix...

Now welcome to the city of game, piece of chains and swangs
Now welcome to the city of game, piece of chains and swangs
Paul Crewe / Watson Tiger

The last time we met, I had a semi-sentimental playlist lined up in honor of Les Miles, who was coaching what we assumed would be his last game at LSU. As it turns out, it was his last game at LSU, but just for the 2015 season. After a wild game that was really a microcosm of the Miles tenure at LSU, it was announced that LSU would be retaining Miles. And now that the hellish month of November has long since passed, both parties are looking to the future, and the first step is west to Houston, where the Tigers drew Texas Tech in the Texas Bowl.

And you can't have a bowl game in Houston that doesn't pay homage to the cradle of Southern Hip Hop and my personal favorite sound in hip hop.

Before we jump into a sampler plate of Houston rap, we give a nod to ZZ Top, the most notable non-rappers out of the Bayou City, and their most turn up-able songs in their discography. Then we jump right out into the most Houston songs imaginable with one of the most memorable verses, Still Tippin, before being officially welcomed to H-Town by a veritable who's who of the scene. Then there's Bun B, who played a major part of me getting into rap and exploring it more, and will always remain one of my favorites. After we Put It Down, we make it Screwed Up with one of the lesser known nationally rappers from Houston, Trae Tha Truth, who in many ways is both a knockoff Lil Wayne and an improved Lil Wayne. Once UGK's Murder is finished (The "G" stands for "GOATs"), we take a look at artists outside of Houston who were influenced by the sound that emitted through the humidity a decade ago, most notable A$AP Rocky, who fooled many people into thinking he was from the Houston when he first came out. We end the last tracklist of the year with Lil Flip's Game Over. For bonus points, name the LSU baseball player who famously used this as his walkup song for a whole week before LSU forced him to change it.

As a thank you for listening (or just reading) all year, I've added every song from each tracklist into one big tracklist, an anthology if you will. So if you've subscribed to all of them like many have, you won't have 12 different playlists to pull from. I'm nothing if not benevolent.

Thanks for getting hype with me all year.