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Let's Gripe About The Rest of the SEC For a Bit

Mo money, mo problems.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban lost another coordinator. Wow, that humorless prick must be impossible to work for.

Contrary to some initial reports, looks like Will Grier isn't leaving Florida. In that case, next season will make it seven straight years the Gators attempt to play football without a QB.

Georgia hired a new football coach. Mark Richt simply wasn't getting the job done, so they went and hired a sure thing in a Nick Saban defensive assistant.

Looks like Dan Mullen is sticking around Starkville for another year. He was trying to leave for Miami. Being a Mississippi State fan is sad.

Arkansas could be losing their Athletic Director. Easy to see why Michigan would be interested in hiring an AD that's familiar with dealing with dickhead head coaches.

Tennessee extended Butch Jones this week. Done a real good job out in Knoxville of making sure their program remains consistently marginal.

Looks like Ole Miss fans are dreaming of a Sugar Bowl. Good to see they remain dedicated to the cause of proving the SEC is overrated.

Texas A&M seems to be ready for a new offensive coordinator. Admittedly, finding ways to creatively lose to LSU by double-digits narrows the field of candidates quite a bit.

Vanderbilt plays football. Reportedly.

Kentucky's season ended without a bowl bid. Mark Stoops is really turning things around in Lexington, just like all 36 coaches before him.

South Carolina tore down their Steve Spurrier banner today. I'll give him this, Ole Ball Coach outlasted the confederate flag.

Missouri's looking for a new coach! They've assembled an impressive list of candidates who have failed at their most recent jobs.

Auburn might lose Will Muschamp to another head coaching opportunity. No one's clamored for failure this much sense they begged Coldplay to make another album.