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Listen to Jim Hawthorne's final sign-off for LSU

LSU's long-time radio play-by-play announcer is hanging up the microphone. Here him sign off for the final time following LSU's Texas Bowl win.

Lost in all the um...other things surrounding the Advocate Texas Bowl and LSU's win was the fact that this was the final goodbye for The Voice of the Tigers, Jim Hawthorne. His departure has been kind of received with some mixed emotions from most of the people I talk to, but nevertheless, he's the only radio voice I've ever come to associate with LSU, he's called some of the biggest moments in all of LSU sports history, and things definitely won't be the same without him around.

Plus, hey, he was 9-0 this year on the games he called in football.

On behalf of all of us here at ATV, happy trails Jim. The Chris Blair Era will begin in a couple of weeks with the baseball season opener.