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LSU Football Recruiting Primer: What's Ahead?

What do the next few weeks look like in LSU football recruiting?

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we're here. It's officially open season for 'crootin' and LSU will look to close out a class that's currently ranked 2nd nationally, but with only 17 commits, meaning there's even more potential for growth. The next few weeks will be a furious race to the finish line as Miles seeks to assuage any lingering doubts from the failed palace coup, perhaps re-tool his staff, and prepare for a bowl game. This timeframe will be instrumental, perhaps essential, to Miles' future at LSU. Win the bowl, reel in a top 3 class and put yourself in position to win a lot of games in 2015 and then you can start planning for a longer future. Lose the bowl, close the class in a disappointing manner and we're likely coach shopping this time next year. So, what will those next few weeks look like?

Contact Period

November 29th, 2015 - January 30th, 2016

This is the timeframe with the most contact. Coaches can visit once a week and the type of contact isn't limited. Coaches can also text/email/call as frequently as they'd like. However, the dates are a bit deceiving because...

Dead Period

December 14th, 2015 - January 13th, 2016

Most restrictive point of the process. There can be no in-person contact, of any variety. Even if a prospect shows up on campus of his own cost and volition, he's not allowed to meet with coaches. However, coaches and prospects can communicate via written and digital communications.

Quiet Period

January 31st, 2016

No off campus visits are permitted, but all other forms of contact are. During this time, prospects can visit campus and interact with coaches unofficially.

Here it is, all laid out in calendar format:

This means that this coming weekend will be LSU's last opportunity to host official visitors for a month. LSU will host the following players this weekend:

Devin White - Composite 4 Star ATH from Springhill, LA
Stephen Sullivan - Composite 4 Star WR from Donaldsville, LA (former commit)
Drake Davis - Composite 4 Star WR from Bradenton, FL (Louisiana native)
Joejuan Williams - Composite 4 Star DB from Hendersonville, TN

Folllowing these visits, the staff can turn their attention almost exclusively to bowl prep, but it's also possible some staffing changes could be coming in that timespan. The dead period is a good time to make a move, especially if the staff member isn't heavily involved with any remaining prospects.

During this time we'll also have the high school All-American games, typically an environment where a few announcements are made and players are heavily recruiting one another. Don't be surprised if tons of news drops with upcoming planned visits in those final two weeks of contact period before the ensuing dead period leading into signing day.

Gear up. It's recruiting season. The twists and turns are just beginning.