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Shea Patterson to Announce Commitment

Composite five-star QB Shea Patterson will announce his decision today.

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Shreveport (Calvary Baptist Academy, Shreveport) QB, Shea Patterson is set to make his decision today, live at noon. The commitment will be streamed live by and you can watch here:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The Composite 5-star QB is expected to choose between Ole Miss, LSU and USC, with heavy trends pointing to the Rebels. If Patterson chooses anyone but Ole Miss, it will be a bit of a shocker.

As a brief refresher on Patterson's recruiting timeline, he originally committed to Arizona all the way back in December of 2012, as a Freshman. His older brother, Sean, was a GA in the program. Last summer, Shea attended an LSU camp and was offered. Days later, LSU hired Sean, and Shea re-opened his recruitment. Make what you will of Sean's hiring, though it seems awfully connected to Shea's future.

Things kept along, with many projecting Shea to eventually wind up in Baton Rouge. But the momentum seemed to hit a stand still. A couple weeks ago, stories started to surface that Sean Patterson would be leaving the program to take a position at Ole Miss. Sean and Shea's father got on the horn with some local media and emphatically denied it. 247 Sports, who first reported the resignation, hasn't backed down from the story. There have been other, more sordid rumors floating about, though none confirmed on record. The truth of the story has yet to play itself out, in all likelihood.

My personal expectation is that Shea will pick Ole Miss today and his brother Sean will join him in Oxford.

What Does This Mean for LSU?

Six weeks ago, had Shea up and picked Ole Miss, I think it would have ignited the pitchforks and chants for Miles' head in Louisiana. After the unfolding of the story about his older brother, I think people are much likelier to allow this one to roll off their shoulders. Still, that's just fan reaction nonsense. How does this affect the actual program?

We don't know yet. LSU already has the commitment of Feleipe Franks, a toolsy, 6'5" top 50 prospect. Reports indicate they'd like to add another body to that QB mix. Initially it seemed as though they hoped Patterson could be that guy, but other reports suggest perhaps Patterson isn't too keen on coming in with another QB. I suspect Cameron will continue to turn up the heat on top-flight QB prospects across the nation. LSU currently has five scholarship offers extended, most recently offering Dwayne Haskins, a four-star QB from Maryland who is related to Kevin Tolliver. It's not likely Franks is the sole QB in this class.

Could LSU have had Patterson if they put all their eggs in his basket? I'd think so. Especially with the hiring of his brother. But that's not a position LSU wants to be in. Only time will tell if they misevaluated by electing to try and keep Franks at the expense of Patterson. Plenty of folks, especially from Northern Louisiana, will tell you they absolutely did.

In my opinion, I'm fine with the move. Spare me the drama, especially at the QB position. And beyond that, Patterson is a nice prospect, but he's not a once-in-a-lifetime type quarterback. Remember that camp where Shea was offered last summer? Franks made an appearance, too, and from many reports, outperformed Shea throughout the practices.

To me, and I won't say he's "peaked," but Shea is topped out physically. He's not going to get that much bigger or stronger. Franks has a Moby Dick-sized upside that makes him ultra-intriguing. Of course, the lingering question will be if the staff can tease that out of a more raw prospect. Only time will tell in that regard.

Ultimately, don't expect good news today.